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Root Canals

What starts as a tingling sensation rapidly deteriorates into teeth clenching pain. You may need a root canal in Nashville - Antioch, TN, but you do not know where to turn for optimal dental care. One dentist helps patients reduce root canal pain and even better, address issues surrounding sensitive nerves located at the gum line. . Contact us for more information.

Root Canals in Nashville - Antioch, TN

Dr. Stan Montee has performed countless root canal procedures for patients that required a wide variety of treatment regimens. His dental philosophy can best be summed up by this: "I have worked over the years to be able to offer dental care tailored specifically for you. Whether you see a dentist on a regular basis or haven’t been to a dentist in many years, I assure you that I’ll make your visit as relaxing as possible." Not only does Dr. Stan ensure you stay relaxed during a root canal in Antioch, he also helps patients navigate the road towards root canal recovery.

What is a Root Canal and Crown Procedure?

A root canal represents a medical procedure to repair a badly damaged tooth. The term “root canal” refers to the natural forming cavity located in the center of each tooth. Teeth nerves, which are vital for sensing the temperature of food and beverages, wind around within the root canal. Sometimes, Dr. Stan has to take measures to prevent the decayed section of a tooth or teeth from becoming infected. During a root canal in Antioch, Dr. Montee removes the affected pulp and nerves, and then he cleans the area before adding a crown to prevent tooth exposure to bacteria. You might need a simple root canal or the damaged tooth is in such poor condition that Dr. Stan recommends a root canal and crown. Adding a crown increases the cost of a root canal, but the crown is necessary to prevent considerable swelling and root canal pain.

What Happens During a Root Canal in Antioch?

Depending on the severity of root canal damage, some patients of Dr. Montee might have to make more than one clinic visit to correct the problem. Dr. Stan specializes in discovering the cause of root canal issues, as well as diagnosing and treating injuries found inside a decayed tooth. Most important, Dr. Stan customizes treatment regimens to match the needs of each patient. Treatment customization ensures each of Dr. Montee’s patients enjoy a speedy root canal recovery, as well as not have to deal with extended root canal pain.

Dr. Stan takes a series of x-rays to determine the shape of the affect root canal and to detect any signs of infection within the root canal and the area around the bone. The key to avoiding extended periods of root canal pain involves administering at least a local anesthetic to numb the exposed nerves. Even if you do not feel root canal pain, Dr. Montee might suggest a local anesthetic to help you relax. Severely infected root canals typically require the application of a stronger general anesthetic.

High root canal costs often happen because of the lack of a complete cleaning of the exposed root canal. Dr. Stan ensures the affected tooth receive a thorough cleaning, before sealing the tooth with a crown. You might have to wait up to a week after the cleaning until Dr. Stan seals the tooth because of the sensitivity you experience within the exposed tooth nerves. Dr. Montee will add a temporary crown until the time comes for filling the exposed area with a permanent crown.

Purpose of a Crown

A dental crown can serve several purposes, including the restoration of the size, shape, and/or strength of a tooth. Dental crowns also enhance the appearance of one or more teeth. Appearing like a cap, a crown completely covers the exposed part of a tooth above the gum line, whether the tooth is nearly regular size or it has lost some or most of the enamel.

For a root canal, a crown assumes a different purpose. A root canal and crown involves securing the cap to prevent exposed nerves from coming in contact with hot and cold food and beverages. Permanent crowns contain all metal, although a growing number of endodontists have switched to resin or ceramic crowns to create temporary protective caps that cover exposed tooth nerves.

Know Your Root Canal Symptoms

Better safe than sorry should be the mantra for addressing root canal pain. The slightest discomfort along the gum line can signal the start of the tooth decaying process. Dr. Stan stresses to his patients that the longer the wait for treatment, the more complex root canal in Antioch, Tennessee procedures become. The more complex a root canal procedure, the more you can expect to pay for root canal costs.

Extended sensitivity to hot and/or cold temperatures is one of the first signs of canal root symptoms. The sensitivity does not have to produce sleep disruption type pain for you to take it seriously. A mild discoloration of the affected tooth indicates the onset of an infection that if not treated promptly, hinders the root canal recovery process. Your gums might feel tender to the touch and you can see signs of swelling at the base of the gum line. Some of Dr. Stan’s patients experience pimple growth at the point where the bone pushes out from the gums. In the worst cases, Dr. Montee treats severe root canal pain caused by low levels of pressure placed on the affected tooth.

What You Need to Know about Root Canal Pain

A simple toothache is the most common root canal pain experienced by patients of Dr. Montee. The dull pain lingers after the affected tooth comes in contact with hot or cold food and beverages. Dr. Stan reminds his patients the dull pain lingers long after the hot or cold stimulus is removed from the sensitive tooth or teeth. High sensitivity to heat is an especially troublesome sign that one of your teeth requires root canal in Antioch treatment. Eventually, an untreated case of a root canal can transform a mild toothache into a raging headache, even if you are not exposed to cold or hot food and beverages. A dead or abscessed tooth can hurt just by applying the slightest pressure.

Your upper molars include roots that run close to sinus cavities. The roots can push through sinus cavities and affect the sinus system. What you believe is a reaction to a seasonal allergy might be the start of sinus congestion that results from sinus cavity inflammation. Before treatment for a root canal in Antioch, Dr. Stan asks a series of questions to determine the presence of allergies, as well as other types of conditions that cause sinus ailments. Some of the substances used to clean treated root canal wounds can penetrate the sinus cavity and caused one or more issues.

How Long Does it Take for Root Canal Recovery?

During a typical root canal procedure, Dr. Stan applies fluids to extract infected pulp tissue and to remove an infection from the entire root canal system. He delicately places material inside the root canal system for temporary support to encourage root canal recovery. During the next appointment scheduled just a few days after the initial root canal treatment session, Dr. Montee replaces the temporary material with a crown that protects the exposed nerves from bacteria. A root canal and crown procedure requires more than one treatment session to prevent gum line swelling.

The time it takes for root canal recovery is mostly determined by Dr. Stan’s patients.  He strongly urges his patients not to apply pressure on the affected tooth. Over the counter pain medications should alleviate most of the pain associated with a root canal in Antioch, Tennessee. You should be able to perform regular toot cleansing by brushing, flossing, and swirling mouthwash inside the mouth. In most cases, root canal recovery for Dr. Montee’s patients takes a few days. If Dr. Stan prescribes stronger narcotics to speed up recovery, you might receive instructions that concern operating a motor vehicle and heavy duty construction equipment.

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

Root canal costs depend primarily on two factors: the extent of root canal treatment and the part of the United States where you live. For example, patients living in New York City can expect to pay more for root canal procedures than the amount of money patients living in Antioch, TN have to pay. Dr. Montee recommends his patients do not cut financial corners when it comes to root canal in Antioch treatment regimens. By neglecting to receive the proper treatment for a root canal, you run the risk of requiring additional work done on the swollen area of the mouth. More work translates into higher root canal costs.

Dr. Stan Montee has accumulated more than 1,200 hours of dental continuing education to stay on top of the latest advances in performing dental services such as root canal. Contact our office today to learn why Dr. Stan is the right dentist to perform a root canal in Antioch, Tennessee. 


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