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Dr. Stan Montee makes the procedure of getting dentures - partial, complete, or implant - one of the easiest dental procedures you’ll ever go through. Contact us for more information.

Dentures in Nashville - Antioch, TN

As a top rated dental office in Antioch, TN, Montee Dental Co. offers quality dentures in Nashville for patients that either want a temporary solution for missing teeth or a long lasting way to enjoy the power of replacement teeth. Affordable dentures provide our patients with the ability to enjoy eating their favorite foods without having to endure the pain and inconvenience of living life with missing teeth. While all the benefits of wearing dentures are so obvious, why do people wait on replacing their missing teeth?

One answer is the fear of the unknown or anxiety of what will happen. Dr. Stan wants his patients to rest assured that receiving complete or partial dentures should not make them feel uncomfortable sitting in a dental chair. "I have worked over the years to be able to offer dental care tailored specifically for you. Whether you see a dentist on a regular basis or haven’t been to a dentist in many years, I assure you that I’ll make your visit as relaxing as possible."

Benefits of Affordable Dentures

Do you remember the delicious ears of corn on the cob you used to enjoy, before one or more teeth got loose or fell out? Partial and complete dentures allow you to enjoy foods that you have become accustomed to eating. Why should you sacrifice loving the foods you ate as a kid, when Dr. Montee can repair, make, or replace new dentures?

Here are some reasons to schedule an appointment for complete or partial dentures repair or replacement work.

No More Communication Breakdowns

Even one missing tooth can significantly impair your ability to communicate properly with colleagues at work and family members at home. The addition of dentures restore the oral physical attributes that allows you to speak clearly in front of large groups, as well as when you interact with people on a one-on-one basis. It might take you a little time to get used to speaking with dentures, but the transition period is worth the discovery of your newfound oral skills.

Renewed Confidence

Receiving dentures generates a huge boost in confidence.  With missing a tooth or teeth, you tend to smile less and shy away from making connections with family, friends, and coworkers. Pearly white partials or complete dentures gives you the confidence to take calculated chances in your career, as well as make you more open to meet families that have recently moved into the neighborhood.

Relieve Pain Caused by Broken or Missing Teeth

Having your tooth decayed to the point you cannot save it can cause considerable pain. An exposed tooth nerve is highly vulnerable to the slightest change in temperature from food or drink being consumed. Dr. Montee encourages his patients to schedule appointments for dentures immediately after their extractions to help get their smile restored and functional.

Have the dAZZLING smile you’ve always wanted

Complete dentures offer you the chance to flash those pearly whites you always wish you had. We understand that specific skin tones reflect a different shade of white, and we don’t want you to look silly. We want you to have natural-looking teeth that don’t have stains, cracks, or wear and tear. This is where your opportunity for a perfect smile begins. We will match the best color for the whitest smile that is natural and beautiful, just like you.

What Are Complete Dentures?

Also referred to as full dentures, complete dentures represent dental appliances that you can remove. The protective replacements for a full set of teeth typically contain strong acrylic or porcelain to prevent chipping and denting. An acrylic base ensures full dentures remain secured to the jaw and gums. Dr. Montee recommends complete dentures for patients that experience significant tooth loss because of gradual decay or a substantial injury that knocks most of the teeth out of the mouth. He has worked extensively with athletes and professionals that have received oral injuries on work sites. Full dentures help you regain full chewing power, as well as fill out your facial appearance that had become withdrawn because of the lack of support for the jawbone. The polymethyl (PMMA) base of full dentures imitates natural gum tissue to make the transition to complete dentures as seamless as possible.

What Are Partial Dentures?

Dentures that replace one tooth or a few teeth scattered about the mouth typically connect to aplastic base that appear similar to the color of your gums. Dentures that take the place of one tooth or a couple of teeth can possess a metal foundation that clasp to your remaining real teeth. The natural looking connectors make it appear as if you flash a smile with all your original teeth. Precision attachments work only for partial dentures, not dentures that take the place of most of the chipped and/or broken teeth in your mouth. Dr. Montee might suggest adding one or more crowns on the remaining natural teeth to improve the fit of removable dentures that partially cover just a small portion of the mouth.

Here is what you can expect when you receive partial dentures:

  • An initial bulky or awkward feeling that eventually disappears

  • You will need some practice to insert and remove partial dentures

  • Following the full set of instructions given by Dr. Montee is crucial for regaining confidence and restoring your smile

  • Dr. Montee will explain how long you should wear the dentures and how to remove the replacement teeth

  • At first, you might have to wear the dentures all the time to adjust to the set of replacement teeth

How To Take Care of Your Dentures

Taking proper care of dentures is paramount for ensuring you enjoy long lasting replacement dental appliances. You need to adhere to a consistent cleaning program that Dr. Montee will explain after placing your complete or partial denture.

  • Dr. Montee recommends scheduling two appointments per year to receive a professional conducted and thorough denture exam and cleaning procedure.

  • Dr. Montee will explain how you should store removable dentures and avoid losing the replacement teeth because of mishandling issues. Taking care of partial and complete dentures involve a few different techniques. The key is to follow the recommendations provided by the team of professionals at the Montee Dental Co.

  • Dr. Montee will give you a brochure explaining denture care, as well as send you electronic mail updates on proven new procedures.

Affordable Dentures Are Not a Myth

You might have read online stories from people that discuss the high cost of receiving partial or complete dentures. Well, denture costs can run high, if you pay an inexperienced dentist to repair install, or replace the new set of teeth. Dr. Montee has gained the experience necessary not only to deliver for you a new set of teeth, but he also ensures he gets the job done right the first time to avoid costly repair work.

Moreover, Montee Dental Co. offers a unique savings plan that allows you to receive the benefit of having dental insurance when you don’t have dental insurance. Dr. Montee also provides patients with the opportunity to use payment plans through Care Credit, offering a 0% interest (same as cash) for selected, qualified candidates.

For example, our all-on-4 dental implants offer you an affordable way to receive long lasting fixed dentures. When you opt for all-on-4 dental implants, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Thorough chewing

  • Enhanced speech

  • Never have to use dental adhesives

  • Healthier gums

  • Brighter smile

Call Montee Dental Co. today to schedule an initial consultation that determines whether you should receive partial or complete dentures.

Dr. Stan graduated from dental school at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as received a Certificate in Contemporary Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry from the University of Minnesota. He has undergone more than 1,200 hours of continuing education to remain on top of the latest dental breakthroughs for repairing, placing, and replacing dentures in the Nashville-Antioch area.


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