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Montee Dental Co. created a dental savings plan in Nashville - Antioch for those without insurance. Sign up today!

dental savings plan nashville

Dental Savings Plan in Nashville - Antioch, TN

There is no denying that choosing a good dental saving plan can be daunting. Many of us wonder which discount dental coverage or plan meets our needs.  Despite the fact that we follow good dental care regime, we may need crowns, fillings, or root canals for different reasons. That is the main reason why should you visit your dentist at least once every 3-6 months.

Regular checks up and dental care help dentists detect infections and diseases that could lead to various detrimental oral issues. A dental professional may find the symptoms of medical concerns when they examine your teeth or oral tissues.

They can also professionally guide you about your overall health. Here is when dental saving plans come into the picture.

Why do you need Discount Dental Plans?

Discount dental plans help us offset the unexpected costs of dental and oral treatments. They are especially designed for families and individuals looking for both dental care while saving money. These plans are devised to facilitate patients who cannot afford the typical cost of dental treatment and dental care.

It is a referral plan based on the membership discount plan, designed for dental health intervention and maintenance.  A dental discount plan is a comparatively better financial option than dental insurance. All you need to do is to pay for a dental card at a fairly low price. You are offered lower rates on the dental services on the dental card. There is no need to pay premiums like dental insurance that is mostly underutilized. Hence, a dental saving plan is worth having compared to dental insurance.

Dental Saving Plan Nashville

When it comes to choosing the best discount saving plans in Nashville, you can rely on Montee Dental Company. Offering you an impressive discount plan, they aim to save you money. Considering the increasing cost of dental care, the company has come up with an affordable discount dental plan for the Nashville-Antioch community.

Dr. Stan Montee, a renowned veteran, has designed this discount plan to ensure Nashville community has access to not only quality, but affordable dental care. Dr. Stan has served in US Marine as a Chief Dental Officer. Not only this, he is a member of the American College of Dentist and Academy of General Dentistry. Besides that, he is a dental professional with an unmatched experience in dental implant surgeries.

Dr. Stan values his patients and understands how lack of insurance may prevent them from accessing good oral health. Whether you want to visit for a regular checkup or need an oral cancer screening, this Nashville dental discount plan offers inexpensive dental health care options. The dental saving plan has the aim to benefit patients who cannot pay for the expenses of dental insurance.

Plan Coverage of Dental Services at Montee Dental Company

From emergency care to quality preventative measures, Montee Dental Company provides everything. The company works with a team of accredited professionals and can help you restore your smile. The dental saving plan Nashville offers discounts on:

dental savings plan nashville

Benefits of Nashville Dental Saving Plan

Not only does this affordable plan offer amazing coverage on various dental procedures, but it also offers you an array of benefits.  If you and your family sign up for this affordable dental saving plan, it can be tremendously advantageous for you. For example, there are

No waiting Periods: Unlike insurance plans, Nashville dental discount plan does not have any waiting period. You no longer have to wait to purchase a dental insurance plan. Insurance plan is more like traditional health insurance. You need to pay premium charges (monthly or annual). The premium charges range from $40 to $70 per month.  The charges vary for families to individuals. It is an underwriting process and usually has pre-existing conditions. Most the insurance companies establish long waiting periods before the service begins.

Dental savings plan in Nashville, however, is not only convenient, but also saves your whole lot of time. Montee Company understands that delaying an oral health problem can lead to devastating results. Regardless of your tight budget, you should never ignore it.  This is the prominent feature of Nashville dental discount plan. Your treatment starts immediately after you sign up for the discount plan.

No claim forms: Filling up premium, claim, and insurance forms to acquire dental insurance can be frustrating.  With Montee Dental discount service, you do not need to put up with any paperwork and related hassles. Just sign up for the discount plan and enjoy the low dental care rates on expensive procedures.

No annual maximums:  It is another standout feature of Nashville discount plan as it does not have an annual limit on using your dental plan several times to save money. That means, once you sign up for the discount dental plan, you can save money on dental services no matter how many times you visit the oral health professional.

No deductibles:  In a dental insurance plan, there are annual deductibles which can vary from $30 to $60, depending on the type of dental policy you have opted for. Discount dental plan, on the other hand, does not have any deductibles.  There is only an annual membership fee that you have to pay.

No pre authorization:  To avail the benefits of this Nashville dental plan, you do not need any advance approval. It is an estimated payment that does not require a guarantee from anyone.

No Missing Tooth Clause Restriction: Missing tooth clause refers to a situation when discount benefits are inconsiderable to restore a tooth that was extracted prior to signing up for dental coverage. At Montee Dental Company, there is no such restriction.

Besides these benefits, the Nashville discount plan includes no pre-existing limitations.  Plus, the plan benefits individuals, families (with members under 18). Following are the premium packages:

  • Single - $300

  • Family (3 members) - $750

  • Family (4 members) – $950

  • Dual (spouses) - $575

  • Additional - $ 150

Whether it is families or individuals, the convenient discount plans caters to everyone. If you have grown up children up to the age of 23, they can only avail the discount if they are full-time students. Your family members can enroll in the discount plan at any time before the coverage ends. That means the expiration date remains the same for every member of the family.  

However, if you want to maximize the discount coverage, it is better that you and your family enrolls the same month.  You can also benefit from the Auto Renewal policy of Montee Dental Company to receive additional discount offers, which are incorporated in the premiums of next years.

Moreover, if you are looking to replace your damaged teeth, then choosing Montee Dental Company is a wise idea. Not only Dr. Stan’s team will provide fully-functional teeth replacement but also an affordable dental implant discount plan. You can avail 15 to 20 percent discount on the treatment with life-changing results.

Why Choose Our Discount Dental Plan Over a Dental Insurance Plan

If you have signed up for an insurance dental plan, there are chances that you are overspending on it.  Options like dental saving plan may help you save your dental costs. Following are some reasons why you should choose a discount dental plan.

  • There are no hidden deductibles

  • You pay affordable monthly and annual charges up to $ 90 to $125, depending on your plan

  • You can use discount plan for unlimited dental services, unlike dental insurance, in which you have limited cleaning procedures.

  • No fixed schedules and annual caps. You can estimate the cost of the services beforehand and plan your budget accordingly.

  • There is no waiting period like dental insurance. You do not have to wait for dental services; rather, you get to enjoy day one benefits.  .

  • Many discount plans provide additional benefits that include hearing, drugs prescription, telemedicine and smoking cessation.

  • No underwriting

Bottom Line

All in all, if you have options like dental discount plans, wasting money on dental insurance is definitely not a wise idea.  Montee Dental Company offers implants and cosmetic services and strives to provide genuine care to its patients. Its Nashville dental saving plan is quintessential in terms of providing multiple benefit premiums.

The plan covers dental implants, periodontal cleanings, fillings, dentures, crowns and other exorbitant dental procedures that may be unaffordable for some people. Please contact us at (615) 471-4727. You can book your appointments from Monday through Thursday between 7:30 am and 4:30 pm.