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Crowns & Bridges

we provide dental crowns, or synthetic tooth-shaped covers placed on a tooth to strengthen a broken or worn down tooth or to help with the tooth’s appearance. Contact us for more information.

Dental Crowns and Bridges in Nashville - Antioch, TN

Although it is a common dental procedure, placing dental crowns and bridges in Nashville still triggers curiosity in a vast majority of patients. At the Montee Dental Co. in Antioch, Tennessee, our team of dental professionals spends considerable time with patients explaining procedures such as placing crowns and bridges to alleviate any concerns.

Dental crowns and bridges represent a fixed prosthetic that Dr. Stan and his team of professionals attach to existing teeth or implants.

Also referred to as caps, crowns cover a damaged tooth or implant. Bridges cover a larger space for patients missing one or more teeth. By using a dental bonding agent, Dr. Montee ensures a crown or a bridge remains fixed in your mouth for years to come.

Curious to know more about dental crowns and bridges? We have more information below, or simply click on the button below to request an appointment!

As one of the most respected dentists in the area, Dr. Stan Montee captures the mission of his clinic by saying "I have worked over the years to be able to offer dental care tailored specifically for you. Whether you see a dentist on a regular basis or haven’t been to a dentist in many years, I assure you that I’ll make your visit as relaxing as possible."

What Is A Dental Bridge?

When you lose one or more teeth due to injury, tooth decay, or bone loss - the gap created by missing teeth can cause other teeth to shift into the empty spaces, which results in an irregular bite. Missing teeth cause an imbalance that often lead to gum disease and/or a joint disorder called temporomandibular (TMJ).

Although Dr. Stan uses a bridge to replace one tooth, the procedure can also be implemented to replace multiple teeth. He cements bridges to implants or surrounding natural teeth to “bridge” the gap caused by the loss of one or more teeth. Healthy, natural teeth located next to gaps along the gum line are called abutments, which serve as anchors to ensure bridges remain firmly secure. A replacement tooth called a pontic attaches to crowns that cover abutments. Dr. Montee consults with patients before a bridge procedure to decide which material his patients want to use for the construction of a bridge. Ceramic and porcelain are the two most popular materials used for dental bridges.

As a specialist who performs dental crowns and bridges in Nashville, Dr. Stan Montee tells patients that while bridges should last a lifetime, the dental prosthetics can loosen or even fall out over time. The most important strategy to ensure a long lasting bridge involves practicing dentist recommended oral hygiene techniques. By keeping your gums and teeth healthy, you prevent the onset of periodontal disease that compromises the bridge work performed by Dr. Stan and his accomplished team of dental professionals.

Benefits of Dental Bridges:

  • Prevents moving and erosion

  • Last a long time

  • Restore ability to chew properly

  • Maintain the shape of the face

  • Restore smile

  • Aesthetically appealing

How a dental bridge is made

Before placing a bridge, Dr. Stan must modify the size of the remaining tooth matter to make sure a bridge fits over the open space correctly. The modification typically involves reducing the size of tooth matter. Then, Dr. Montee takes an impression of the open space to produce the exact replica of a bridge to fit over the open space. If you choose a porcelain bridge, we determine the shade of color to match the color shade of your natural teeth.

The impression is taken to our dental lab, where we then design the bridge using your preferred material. After making the permanent bridge, we remove the temporary bridge and permanently cement the new bridge.

Types of dental bridges

Dr. Montee explains to his patients that there are four primary types of dental bridges: traditional cantilever, Maryland, and implant supported.


As the most used type of bridge, a traditional dental bridge comprises a false tooth held in place by dental crowns that Dr. Montee cements into each of the abutment teeth. A traditional bridge is the most popular type used by dental professionals, as well as one of the dental procedures that combines crowns and bridges in Nashville. The procedure for installing traditional bridges is most frequently performed on patients that have healthy, natural teeth on each side of the gap created by a missing tooth or teeth.


Closely resembling a traditional bridge, a crown holds the pontic in a cantilever dental bridge in place by cementing to just one abutment tooth. The success of a cantilever bridge procedure requires only one natural tooth located next to a missing tooth gap.


In a procedure that does not use both crowns and bridges in Nashville, a Maryland bridge is similar to a traditional bridge by using two abutment teeth. An abutment tooth located on each side of a gap strengthens the connection a bridge makes on both abutment teeth that act as anchors. Instead of attaching crowns to the two abutment teeth, Maryland bridges connect to metal or porcelain frameworks that bond on the backs of each abutment tooth.

Implant Supported

Although dental procedures using crowns and bridges in Nashville take care of most missing tooth or teeth cases, there are situations when Dr. Montee must use dental implants to ensure long lasting connections. In an implant supported procedure, dental professionals surgically place an implant over every gap caused by a missing tooth. The implants act as the foundations to secure bridges tightly in the mouth. Considered the most durable type of bridge, implant supported bridges require two surgeries to complete the extensive dental procedure. Sometimes, it can take months to finish an implanted supported procedure.

disadvantages of getting dental bridges

Dr. Stan understands that bridge work is not for every one of his patients. Just as he takes time to describe the benefits of bridges, Dr. Montee also makes sure to educate his patients about possible drawbacks of undergoing the dental procedure.

The healthy, natural abutment teeth on either side of the gap holding the pontic secure can become damaged right after a bridge covers the gap. If the teeth next to the missing tooth do not have need for a crown, and are perfectly healthy - you may want to consider another form of tooth replacement. Moreover, the structure of your teeth might change because of the addition of a bridge, which can lead to minor discomfort or moderate pain. Some patients might not possess strong enough abutment teeth to hold a bridge in place. Dr. Montee determines the strength of abutment teeth by performing a routine preliminary examination.

Dental Crown Overview

If you require a crown, Dr. Montee will make a dental impression, or mold, to duplicate the shape and size of your current tooth. 

Dental crowns are primarily made of Porcelain and Gold:

  • Porcelain crowns mimic the look of a natural tooth and are often more appealing.

  • Gold crowns are easier to use than porcelain crowns, they require less of the natural tooth to be drilled away and they are used primarily on the back teeth. A gold crown is extremely useful when we need to restore a tooth toward the back of your mouth. Because gold is very durable, it holds up well to the extensive biting and chewing forces of your molar teeth. Don’t worry, we’ll likely only recommend a gold crown if it isn’t going to be visible when you smile!

Same-Day Crowns

What if you could cut your number of dental appointments in half? With our in-house technology, you can. Instead of us sending your impression off to a lab, all of the data is transferred into our milling machine, so that your custom crown is made right here on site. Instead of two visits, you’re able to have a brand new ceramic crown prepared and placed in just one appointment! Read more about our same-day crowns.

Cost of Crowns

How much will getting a crown cost if you live in the Nashville-Antioch area? It will all depend on the type of crown you choose. For instance, same day crowns may seem like they cost a little bit more, but they could actually save you money since you don’t have to take off from work two or more times. A gold crown’s price will depend on the current market price for gold, and the type of lab being used. These crowns are the longest lasting. Dr. Montee has seen them last over 50 years and they are biocompatible. Your body’s tissues like the gold material and stays healthy. People always think gold equals expensive.. not so..our costs are typically less expensive than all porcelain.