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From The Chair


While Montee & Montee Dental Co., strives to make your dental visit as pain-free as possible, we understand that many of our patients suffer from anxiety as they enter our office.  To accommodate these patients and ease their fears, we now offer Oral & IV Sedation.

Oral Sedation

This is a conscious sedation that allows you to enter a calming state of relaxation, while staying awake during the duration of your procedure. You will NOT be able to fee pain, but you will be able to communicate with us. We believe that this communication is vital to developing trusting relationships with all of our patients.

IV Sedation

IV Sedation is very similar to Oral Sedation in that it is considered a moderate level of sedation. However, IV Sedation is administered intravenously which produces the desired calming effect much sooner.  During a procedure in which IV Sedation is being used, we also have the ability to adjust the level of sedation needed to provide you with a more personalized level of relaxation.

A Simple Way to Complete Your Treatments in One Visit

Depending on what type of dental work you need to have completed, we can often utilize sedation dentistry to help you catch up on everything in just one visit. If you’ve been avoiding your dental health because of anxiety or just a dislike of the experience, our Nashville dentists can put your mind at ease! Dental sedation is extremely safe and convenient for people just like you.