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From The Chair


Over the years, the children we have treated have enjoyed their visits to our office in Nashville. We enjoy our ‘little’ patients and make every effort to make their visit stress free and fun. Our pediatric dentistry goal is to help children develop dental habits that will ensure they maintain excellent dental health over their lifetime.

It is our experience that children introduced as early as three years old to regular dental checkups are more likely to maintain good dental health practices into their teenage and adult years. We’ve also noticed that children introduced to our  pediatric dentistry checkups at a young age have fewer phobias.

From a health standpoint, early diagnosis of potential tooth problems may prevent the issue from ever developing. Over time, a child’s consistent record of dental health and development will enable us to make proactive and informed decisions.

As a child develops to their adolescent years, changes to oral health can cause anxiety and apprehension. Regular visits to their pediatric dentist can go a long way to helping a child deal with these issues.

Tips for a child’s First Visit:

Take your child for an online tour of our Nashville office Let your child know your positive dental experiences Find materials (books, Internet, etc.) to introduce your child to pediatric dentistry.

During your first visit the dentist will:

Evaluate adverse habits like thumb sucking Check to see if the child needs Fluoride Examine your child’s teeth, gums and mouth Teach your child how to clean their teeth and gums Discuss a schedule for regular dental checkups