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What Are the Benefits of Digital X-ray?

Montee & Montee dental in Nashville has been a provider of dental X-Rays & digital radiography for years. Over the past 60 years science has helped improve the dental profession. One good example - today, dental X-rays are safer and more convenient.

Even though today’s traditional dental X-rays emit much lower amounts of radiation than in the past and are considered extremely safe, digital radiography is a high tech alternative with the following benefits:

  • Uses 90% less radiation
  • Ability to transfer Dental Records by email
  • No chemicals involved, so Environmentally friendly
  • Shorter Dental Appointments
  • Higher quality images

Why We Use Digital X-rays in Our Practice

Even the best dental instruments and sets of eyeglasses can’t see through your tooth enamel. The deep pits and grooves of your teeth, and the areas where your teeth touch one another are often some of the first places where tooth decay forms.

By taking low-radiation diagnostic x-rays on a periodic basis, we are able to safely screen for cavities. When we find tooth decay earlier, it’s smaller and more affordable to treat!

If you haven’t had dental x-rays in more than a year, we will likely suggest having a set taken. For people who are at a very high or low risk of dental problems, we will adjust the frequency as necessary.