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Life expectancy in this country has increased significantly in the past few decades. In 1965, the average lifespan was 65 years, in 1990 78 years and in 2001 it reached 85 years old! According to the research, age is directly related to tooth loss which means that by the time we reach 65 years old there is a good chance that a tooth is missing. The question that we ask ourselves- “ Is it worth it to replace this missing tooth?” The answer is certainly yes. Overtime, your oral health will worsen if not corrected. When a tooth is missing, bone begins to disappear, the adjacent and opposing teeth move and shift into the space and the ability to correct the situation becomes more expensive and complex for you and your implant dentist. Because of research and improvements in dental materials and science, predictable success restoring natural teeth with dental implant procedures is now a reality.

Avoid Dentures

When a tooth is extracted your bone no longer has a need to be there. Your body begins to reabsorb the bone and you are left with significant bone loss and sightly defects. If you are proactive in replacing your missing tooth with an implant you can retain that critical bone. If enough teeth are extracted sometimes the only option that remains is a denture. How many of us has heard someone we know complain about how difficult it is to keep a denture in or how uncomfortable it is to wear? We hear this everyday. Without dental implant procedures, your options are limited and the denture has little to hold onto.

state of the art implant procedure

State of the Art- 3D CT Technology

As part of our philosophy, we believe in staying at the forefront of advances in implant dentistry. You will find that our office has invested both time and resources in offering our patients state of the art dental implant care. Montee & Montee Dental Co. uses 3D Cone Beam CT technology to diagnose and plan your dental implant restoration procedure. This innovative diagnostic tool allows Montee & Montee implant dentists in Nashville to render 3D images of your entire jaw- nerves, teeth, bone, sinuses and airways. A cone beam offers invaluable information to your dentist. Much of this information is unavailable to a dentist using a traditional 2 dimensional panoramic x ray.

Having a 3D virtual model to look at, we can accurately place your dental implant in the most desirable location avoiding areas like your nerves, sinuses and thin bone providing you more predictable success. 3D CBCT is quickly becoming the new standard of care for implant placement.

ANATOMAGE- Clinically Advanced

The diagnostic software that we use is InVivo 5 from Anatomage. They are the market leader in 3D rendering software for all of your dental implant procedures and planning. Anatomage allows us to virtually plan your dental implant procedure with you in the office. In addition to implants, InVivo is a comprehensive and powerful software program that also allows us to plan your orthodontics, prosthodontic and periodontal treatment. Montee & Montee implant dentists in Nashville are proud to be able to offer you the best in 3D software planning.

 Gallery of the Anatomage procedure




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