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Denture Repair & Adjustments: 7 Signs It’s Time For a Check-Up

Have you ever worn your favorite pair of jeans until the holes in the knees were too big to handle? Perhaps your favorite shirt fell completely apart before you decided to ‘retire’ it. The same thing can happen with our dentures. After all, your teeth have been through worse conditions, right?

denture repair

The problem is - many of us are in need of denture repair, but don’t take the time out to fix the problem.

The longer we wait to repair our full dentures or partial dentures, the higher-risk we have of damaging any existing teeth, or our jaw. Not to mention, if we’re not able to bite down correctly when we eat, most likely we won’t be able to enjoy our favorite foods - and we might even lose some weight we’re not looking to lose.

So when is it time to visit Montee Dental Co. in Antioch? Here are some signs that will make you say ‘Stop! Let’s go see Dr. Stan!’

7 Signs You Need a Denture Repair or Adjustment

  1. Your Speech Is Affected
    A tell-tale sign, yet one that is easily ignored. When you first get dentures, it sometimes requires some patience and learning on your part to be able to communicate clearly, without slurring your words. After time, you become a denture-wearing professional that can spit out tongue twisters like there’s no tomorrow! But what about when the clarity begins to fade?

    Overtime, dentures need adjustments and relining. It’s not necessarily a repair of something that’s broken, but there needs to be an adjustment to allow your denture to mold properly to the shape of your mouth - again. Yes, again! Your jawbone will continue to change shape over time, so be sure you’re taking preventative measures in keeping your dentures fitting correctly inside your mouth.

  2. Eating is a Chore
    Have you found it hard to chew on your food? Are your dentures slipping, or maybe some teeth have chipped? Well - then we know it’s time for some denture-loving-care.

    Having dentures but not being able to use them for the reasons you got them initially can be very frustrating. Don’t risk injuring yourself with broken or loose dentures while eating, schedule an appointment with Dr. Stan to get repairs done today.

  3. Chips and Cracks Develop
    This is not a new fashion statement in denture-wear! If you see that the teeth or base of your denture have been chipping or cracking, bring in your denture right away. This can eventually cause jaw pain from misalignment, damage to your cheeks or tongue, or even worse - your denture may eventually split apart and you could risk carrying a choking hazard around in your mouth.

  4. Broken & Missing Teeth
    We’ve all had this happen a time or two, but what did you do? You were eating something delicious when all of a sudden your tooth popped off! Did you glue it back on yourself, have you been walking around with a missing tooth in your denture? Dr. Stan cares too much for you to let you walk around toothless.

    If you’ve found yourself in this situation, please bring in your denture or partial immediately. Gluing a tooth back on yourself may cause more harm than good to your appliance.

  5. Stains & Odors
    Dentures and partial require a daily cleaning, just like regular teeth. If you’re not taking proper care of your appliance and keeping it clean, you may end up developing unwanted bacteria on your denture.

    Always be sure to clean and check your appliance every night to be aware of any cracks that may be hoarding bacteria that will cause stains and bad odors. If you see stains that won’t go away, and notice the odor in your mouth or on your appliance is unbearable - please make an appointment with Dr. Stan. He and his team will find a solution.

  6. You Develop Sores on your Gums
    Also called, pressure sores, these are caused by dentures that don’t fit correctly. These sores develop in areas of your mouth where the denture is placing too much pressure in one area, causing a sore to develop. When Dr. Stan sees the areas of your mouth where you have these sores, it will help him locate where the adjustment needs to be made on your appliance.

  7. You Just Can’t Bear to Wear Them
    Hey - it happens! Don’t beat yourself up over it. Sometimes there is never getting used to something that’s new in your life. After all, it’s not like we were born with dentures. Perhaps we weren’t destined to wear them.

    If this sounds like you, we have an alternative to dentures and partials. According to the AAID, there are more than 35 million Americans who are missing teeth. Fortunately, Dr. Stan has the inside scoop on keeping his patients happy and replacing those missing teeth with dental implants.

Affordable Fixed Dentures Are Not A Myth

Dr. Stan at Montee Dental Co. has experience in all things dental implants. From single dental implants to full mouth restorations - he has the expertise and financial opportunity you’re looking for.

Are you looking for an affordable way keep your dentures in your mouth without the hassle of taking out a loan from your house? We’ve got what you need.

Many patients of ours have opted for fixed dentures, otherwise known as All-on-4 dental implants.

All-on-4 dental implants give you the affordability of integrating dental implants with your current denture, if your current denture is in good condition. Having all-on-4 dental implants allows you to:

  • Refrain from using dental adhesives ever again

  • Have increased comfort with your dentures

  • Improve your speech

  • Allow for proper chewing

If you’d like more information on denture repair and adjustment, or more information on dental implants and all-on-4 dental implants, give Montee Dental Co. a call today. We work with multiple insurance companies, offer an in-house savings plan, and also provide you with the opportunity to work with Care Credit if monthly payments are what you need.

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