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Dental Implant Care - Tips From Montee Dental Co.

dental implant care

Dr. Stan Montee and his accomplished team of dental professionals believe educating patients about dental implant care and maintenance to assist in successful post-treatment hygiene and overall patient satisfaction.

Perhaps no other dental procedure causes more concern than receiving dental implants. Dr. Stan explains what to expect before and during dental implant surgery, as well as the steps patients need to take to ensure proper dental implant care and maintenance after surgery.

Overview of Dental Implants

Dr. Montee and his team perform 2 types of dental implant procedures.

  • Single Tooth Dental Implants
    Single tooth dental implants replace one missing tooth, allowing you to experience the joy of being able to smile, eat, and function without any hesitation as you may have before with your missing tooth.

  • Removable Dental Implants / Fixed Dentures
    Removable dental implants are what you see in the television commercials where denture wearers place their new set of teeth into soaking solutions for cleaning and sanitizing.

    Fixed dentures represent a permanent set of new teeth that snap on implants surgically added to the remaining bone matter along the gum line. The type of dental implants Dr. Stan recommends for his patients depends on the severity of gum disease and the condition of teeth surrounding the implant areas.

Dental implant surgery involves replacing the roots of damaged teeth with titanium screws that require a healthy regimen of dental implant care.

Depending on the extent of gum disease and tooth decay, Dr. Montee recommends dental implant surgery for patients that require a welcome alternative to large, unsightly gaps in the mouth, as well as for patients that do not adapt well to bridge work and removable dentures.

Dental implant care instructions after surgery depend on the type of implant and the condition of the jawbone. You might undergo several dental implant procedures or walk out of our clinic after one procedure ready to implement dental implant maintenance tips.

Why You Need Dental Implant Care after Surgery

Although Dr. Montee is widely recognized as a top-rated dental professional, his lofty status is the result of the effective way he communicates with patients. After all, Dr. Stan and his team cannot accompany patients when they leave the clinic.

Dental implant surgery requires the active participation of patients, especially when it comes to dental implant care after surgery.

Whether you undergo one dental implant surgery session or have to come back for subsequent visits, there are signs that let us know that you may require dental implant maintenance.

  • Swelling of the gums

  • Puffy cheeks

  • Bruising on the skin covering the area around the mouth

  • Mild, moderate, or strong pain at the site of the dental implants

  • Minor bleeding

We want to emphasize that our patients should be mindful to practice dental implant care for cases of minor bleeding. However, if the bleeding becomes worse or you begin to suffer from acute pain along the gum line, you should give our office a call immediately.

After an emergency dental implant procedure, remember to eat soft foods and avoid super hot liquids and ice cold beverages.

What Happens if I Do Not Perform Dental Implant Maintenance?

The repercussions of not performing dental implant maintenance can be severe. Neglected dental implant care can lead to major health problems that require emergency surgery. The most obvious sign of neglected dental implant care after surgery is bleeding, which dental professionals refer to as mucositis.

Contemporary scientific research has concluded that if caught in the early stages, mucositis can be treated and reversed. If mucositis causes bone loss along the gum line, we will not be able to regenerate bone matter to perform a dental implant procedure.

Also called implantitis, gum line bone loss can trigger the removal of any dental implants our team of dental professionals has added to restore a vibrant smile and creates a healthy set of new teeth.

Home Dental Implant Care after Surgery

We are a team and we need our patients to follow several dental implant care instructions after performing successful surgery.

electric toothbrush opti.jpg
  • Toothbrushes Matter for Dental Implant Care
    Dr. Stan recommends his patients use electric toothbrushes to clean dental implants because electric toothbrushes do a much better job of removing unsightly bio film that accumulates between the small spaces formed on fixed dentures. Electric toothbrushes deliver consistent brushing motions, as opposed to the erratic brushing motions perform by your hand.

    We encourage our patients to use electric toothbrushes for two minutes at a time to ensure they reach hard to access areas surrounding newly implant dentures and the bulky contoured areas of implant crowns.

  • Non-Abrasive Mouthwash
    At the heart of dental implant maintenance is using a mouthwash to sanitize dentures and implants. However, to achieve the action required to dislodge food particles and remove unsightly bio film, we recommend avoiding over the counter mouthwashes that contain abrasive ingredients that can cause a rapid deterioration of the materials comprising dentures and implants. You should use a dentifrice that contains the right non-abrasive formula to deliver a healthy smile for years to come.

Protective Dental Implant Care after Surgery

Dentists like to use fancy terms to describe different techniques and procedures. We also like to use fancy terms to describe common dental accessories like retainers. You might hear us talk about dental appliances and no, we are not referring to the dishwasher or washing machine. We are referring to the tools you can use for dental implant maintenance.

A retainer or a night guard prevents the level of teeth grinding or clenching that can eventually lead to exposed root nerves and teeth cavities. Performing dental implant care is critical to ensuring the rest of your teeth remain in pristine condition. A retainer or a night guard goes a long way towards delivering healthy natural teeth.

We strongly urge our patients not to use over the counter dental tools that masquerade as professional caliber dental instruments. Over the counter metal picks used to remove plaque can scratch the surface of newly implanted fixed dentures. Scratched tooth surfaces are ideal locations for unhealthy bacteria to call home.

Instead of a do it yourself mindset, schedule appointments with Dr. Stan Montee and his hygiene team to perform dental implant care procedures. A regular schedule for dental implant care after surgery ensures you enjoy superior dental health by spending just a few minutes every 3-6 months in one of our comfortable dental chairs.

Do you have questions or concerns about your dental implant care and maintenance? You can give us a call at (615)471-4727 to schedule a time to consult with Dr. Montee.