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Tips to Keep Your Breath Beautiful on Valentine’s Day

You have the perfect date planned for Valentine’s Day. A table for two at bae’s favorite restaurant. A carriage ride through the city. Dessert and wine. The whole package. The problem is that you have to work right up until the time you need to pick up your honey.  How are you going to make sure your breath is fresh for your romantic evening?

The key to keeping your breath fresh is to keep your mouth moist and the bacteria at bay. Obviously, you want to make sure you brush and floss after you eat breakfast in the morning. If you eat on the way to work or at your desk, bring your toothbrush and floss with you. Brushing after your mid-day meal will also help.  

If you didn’t bring your toothbrush or don’t have a chance to use one, there are some other things you can do to help keep your mouth clean and your breath fresh:

  • Choose water over coffee, sodas and juices. It will keep your mouth moist and rinse away the bacteria that flourish in a dry or sugary mouth.
  • Eat an apple- especially after a spicy or garlicky meal.  Apples contain fiber that naturally whisk away particles of food. And since apples are an acidic food, they keep bacteria away.
  • Chew on fresh herbs like parsley or on citrus peel. These work similarly to apples, with the added bonus of providing a mild whitening effect.
  • Avoid tobacco products.  Chew gum, or, if you need the hand-to-mouth motion, try eating carrots.
  • Chew sugar-free gum so your mouth doesn’t dry up!
  • Keep floss picks like Plackers Flossers or Colgate Wisps on hand. They’ll help you remove particles that got stuck between your teeth during the day and the minty flavor can give your breath a little boost.
  • After a long day at work, you might be tempted to stop for a triple-venti-mocha-frappa-coffee.  Don’t. Not only will you undo your whole day of fresh breath, you’ll also take your teeth to brown-town, and no-one wants to kiss that!

If you aren’t able to make a dental appointment before Valentine’s day, that’s okay.  The tips we’ve provided should help you have a brighter smile and fresher breath for your special plans.  But make sure you come visit one of our Nashville offices, soon. Regular dental cleanings are a huge part having a healthy smile!