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Taking the Guesswork out of Your Dentistry

30 feet up, he was trimming a tree, when the ladder slipped, and he fell head first into a stacked pile of wood.  His jaw was horribly broken.  He was x-rayed in the ER, and taken into surgery to repair his broken face.  Two days later, he was conscious of a deep feeling that something wasn’t right with the fixing of his face. Though his teeth were wired shut, and his face terribly swollen, he was able to tell the surgeon of his concern.  The doctor arranged for him to be sent to an oral surgeon’s office for a special equipment scan of his face.  That scan clearly identified the cause of concern: the regular x-ray before surgery had missed a severed piece of bone in the man’s jaw.  The oral surgeon was able to go back in and successfully repair the jawbone.

That special scan equipment is the Cone Beam CT 3D Scan.  Using a medical imaging technique wherein x-rays form the shape of a cone and circle around the patient’s head, the scanner is able to capture more than 500 individual images.  This gives the physician superior ability to assess and plan surgery issues - and the placement of surgical implants.

At the forefront of technology, the CBCT produces superior images through panoramic imagery.  Providing the best in complete and accurate imaging, CBCT is used whenever a 3D view is advantageous for diagnosis, or the continued management of conditions in the jaw and face.  This technology continues to serve in its important role of diagnosis and treatment planning for implant dentistry, endodontics and orthodontics.

Dental Imaging - Cone Beam CT 3D Scan

Advantages of the CBCT technology are

  • A lower radiation dose than medical CT
  • Being wheelchair accessible
  • Comfortable for patients – the patient is not enclosed for the shorter than 30-second scan
  • Depicting images on-screen almost immediately

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