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Proper Steps to Dental Implant Maintenance

Implants are a smart, cost-effective investment. These artificial tooth roots last longer than any other type of therapy used in modern dentistry. However, there are still a few maintenance tips that you need to keep in mind to get the most out of your new smile.

Non-Abrasive Toothpaste

Gritty toothpastes may make your teeth feel clean, but they could cause microscopic surface scratches in everything from tooth enamel to your new implant crown. This can make your crown collect more stain over time. Should any of it make its way to your dental implant surface, it could cause irritation to the area. Ask your dentist for a toothpaste recommendation that’s healthy to use on implants.

Dental Floss or Tape 

Flossing around your implant each day is vital. It allows you to remove plaque that accumulate along the neck of the implant, at the gums. Clean it the same as a natural tooth!

Floss Threaders / Tufted Floss / Proxy-Brushes

If you have a fixed hybrid denture, such as an All-on-4, or an implant supported dental bridge…you need to have the right tools to clean under and around it. Some people prefer a floss threader to weave the strand just underneath their prosthesis. When there’s a bit more space available, it may feel like you can clean the area better using tufted floss or a narrow proxy-brush.

Do Dental Implants Need X-rays?

Yes. Even though your implant is not a real tooth, there is always a potential that infection or bacteria around it could cause the implant to fail in rare cases. As such, it’s important to see your dental implants Nashville, TN provider routinely for an exam and regular x-rays.

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