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Proper Maintenance of Your Dental Implants Helps Extend Their Life

Great oral hygiene and implant care is the reason why as many as 98% or more of dental implants last “forever” (or at least for the rest of your life, anyway!) The reason why implants are such a long-lasting treatment, is because of their biocompatibility. Titanium is usually what the implants are made from, and it’s a material that causes your body to grow new bone that fuses with the implant surface. Once this happens, your implant essentially becomes a part of your body.

But there are factors that could cause an implant to fail altogether. Namely, peri-implantitis. Like “periodontitis” this form of “gum disease” affects implants rather than teeth. As you might presume, this means there are some hygiene and maintenance steps that need to be taken to prevent an infection from occurring.

Getting Your Implants Cleaned with Special Instruments

Even if you’ve had all your teeth replaced with dental implants, it’s still important to have them cleaned by your hygienist. Special tools are used on each implant, as they cannot be cleaned with normal instruments, which could scratch their surface and lead to biofilm accumulation. Schedule a preventive cleaning at least once every six months.

Keeping Gums Healthy and Clean

Brush gently along your gums around each implant to loosen any debris. Floss daily as well, the same as you would a real tooth. This keeps the gum attachment levels as healthy as possible.

Regular Exams and X-rays

Digital imaging allows our dental implants Nashville, TN dentists to evaluate the health and bone levels around each implant. As such, we can pinpoint if bone is beginning to shrink and take steps to prevent it from getting worse.

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