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What You Need to Know About Caring for Dental Implants

When you need permanent new teeth, dental implants offer a long-lasting solution that’s worth the investment. When maintained properly, your implants should last for the rest of your life. However, there are a few maintenance tips you need to keep in mind so as to preserve your smile.

Implants Need to be Flossed Too 

“Why do I have to floss implants if they aren’t real teeth?” Well, that’s a good question. While your implants aren’t real teeth, our dental implants Nashville, TN team will tell you that they function the same exact way. It’s important to clean the gumlines around them, so that plaque biofilm doesn’t collect underneath the tissues and cause inflammation or peri-implantitis (a condition similar to gum disease.) 

See Your Hygienist Regularly

It’s vital that your dental implant provider routinely monitor the health and attachment levels of your supporting gum and bone tissue. Six month checkups allow us to do so, and give you a chance to have your implants carefully cleaned by our dental hygienist. Keeping these areas clean with special instruments can assist in preventing unwanted implant failure. 

Routine Maintenance for Your Implant Restoration 

Implants are the artificial tooth root that extend below your gumlines. They support the fixed restoration on top of your gums, such as a crown, bridge, or denture. It’s important to keep in mind that while implants can last “forever,” other dental restorations may wear out. You need to have your dentist regularly monitor the integrity of your implant restorations to see if the time is approaching where they need to be replaced. When well cared for, most will last for several years at a time.

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