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Five Benefits of Dental Implants

Beautiful Smile Dental Implants Montee & Montee Nashville, TN Are you considering getting a dental implant? Perhaps you just lost or had a tooth removed and don’t want to be left with an unsightly gap. When situations like these arise, making a decision on what to do about filling the space can be a tough. Montee& Montee Dental Company wants you to know the benefits of making a decision to get dental implant.

When making any decision it should be one that is informed, especially in regard to your oral health and having a confident, happy smile. Dental Implants are an option given to dental patients after they lose or have a tooth pulled to essentially substitute the original tooth roots.  Dentist use them to replace the entire root in order to help preserve the bone where the implant is embedded.  The implants provide patients with the ability to have a natural smile appearance. They have become a popular choice to use when you are only missing one or two teeth and not an entire set. There is the possibility that multiple dental implants can be placed in a patient’s mouth, but that would depend on the healthiness of the gums and jaw. If you are missing more than two teeth, you should consult with your dentist about additional options.

Breakdown of Partial Dental Implant in Green Hills Dentist

Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant has five key benefits to offer your overall dental health.

  • Dental Implants don’t compromise the health of surrounding teeth
  • No need for replacement
  • Continue to enjoy the foods you like
  • Jawbone protection
  • Remain confident in your smile with the natural look and feel of implants

Although there are other options like dental implants should you encounter losing a tooth due to injury or severe tooth decay, it’s always better just to maintain good dental hygiene. Dr. Stan and Dr. Carol Montee and staff are ready to help you get the smile you always wanted.  Montee & Montee Dental Company in Nashville, Tennessee offers a wide variety of general dentistry and cosmetic dental services to help you and your family maintain a healthy smile. Call 615-656-0102 to schedule an appointment.