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From The Chair

Dental Implants Strong Enough For Military Dogs, Strong Enough for You

Did you know that even our canine friends can get dental implants? For some dogs, having a healthy set of teeth is a matter of life and death. Take police dogs and military dogs for instance. A bad tooth could mean being unable to “catch the bad guy” or pull a harmed person out of the way. When a dog’s tooth is lost during an injury or because of an infection, dental implants are a great way to replace them.

Much like implants used in people, these artificial teeth are made of biocompatible titanium (the same material used in medicine for joint replacement.) As it fuses with the bone in the jaw, it becomes a permanent part of the boy.

Implants — in people and dogs alike — are so reliable, that they stay firmly in place all day long.

Think of What You Could Do

You might not need to use your teeth to catch a bad guy, but you do need a healthy set of them to enjoy things like:

• Eat a juicy steak, without chopping it up into hundreds of small pieces. • Bite into a fresh apple in front of your friends • Eliminate the need for a bulky, removable denture • Clear speech due to their anatomically natural design

Investing in Nashville dental implants is a smart choice for your smile. Why? Because an implant can last for the rest of your life. And if they’re safe and healthy enough for a dog…then why bother considering anything less for your own teeth?

Your implants are a smart choice for replacing missing teeth…no matter how many there are. Call Montee & Montee Dental Co. today to find out of these permanent artificial teeth are right for you!