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Dental Implants: The Clear Choice For Oral Health

The loss of teeth creates many problems for people within their face and jaw, and in their overall health and well being. When a tooth is lost or broken, the jawbone in which that tooth was held begins to dissolve – it no longer serves a need. The resultant loss of support for the face gives an increased appearance of wrinkles and premature aging, and the remaining teeth must bear the full stress of chewing, causing excess wear. When enough teeth are missing, medical problems from decreased nutritional food choices affect general health and overall appearance.

Benefits of Dental Implants

For patients who must replace missing or damaged teeth, the positive, life-changing results of dental implants are exactly what they have been looking for. A dental implant is a surgical, screw-like piece that is placed in the jaw to replace the roots of missing teeth, and to support and attach to realistic-looking, fully-functional replacement teeth called a crown or bridge.

Nashville, TN Dental Implants

Just a few of the advantages of dental implants are:

Improved Fit

Ill-fitting dentures are uncomfortable and can cause words to come out slurred or mumbled, but dental implants are designed to fuse with the jaw bone and to look and feel like your own teeth. Sliding dentures can make chewing food difficult, but dental implants become a permanent part of you, allowing you to continue to eat and enjoy your favorite foods.

Improved Self Esteem

Missing teeth can cause you to stop smiling, and removing dentures can be embarrassing, but dental implants give you back your smile and help you feel confident again.

Improved Oral Health

The damage to your jaw bone and facial structure begins the minute the tooth is removed and continues to deteriorate over time. If not treated with a dental implant, permanent and irreversible damage will result. A tooth-supported bridge requires shaving down other teeth, and plaque buildup is common below the margins of the crown. Since the structures of the neighboring teeth have been compromised, they are weaker and more susceptible to tooth decay. Dental implants do not alter the other teeth, so more of your own teeth are left intact. Additionally, implants allow better access between teeth, improving oral hygiene.

Dental Implants Cost

Implants are a great investment when you want to replace your missing teeth. When well cared for, they can last for the rest of your life! The cost of getting dental implants in Nashville will greatly depend on how many implants (artificial roots) are needed, and the type of restoration that you’re placing over them. For instance, placing an individual implant and porcelain crown for 10 teeth would cost more than placing four implant and getting an overdenture affixed to them. The only way to pin down the exact price is to have our Nashville dentist assess the area and see which options are best for your unique oral anatomy.

At Montee Montee Dental Co., our desire is to restore normal, comfortable function and aesthetics for you, and keep you in optimal oral health. If you have questions about dental implants, or to schedule a FREE IMPLANT CONSULTATION, please call us at 615-383-4494. Together, we will determine the best solution for your needs and devise a plan for your success. Your care and comfort is our first priority and we are happy to provide a FREE SECOND OPINION on your dental care. Schedule an appointment today and let us restore your smile with natural and beautiful dental implants.

Dr. Stan Montee of Nashville, TN earned Fellowship status in The International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) on October 28, 2015.

The awarding of the Fellowship status is an honor which a professional society such as the ICOI bestows on a dental professional involved in dental implant treatment. The ICOI has a Fellowship program in which active members are encouraged to achieve Fellowship status through their efforts in education, research and actual clinical experience. All Fellows of the ICOI may choose to list the designation "FICOI" after their names.