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Brush Your Tongue Without Gagging

If you’re planning to do any smooching this Valentine’s day, you better make sure your breath is sweet! Nothing puts the brakes on romance quite like a sour, pungent mouth and no one wants to have to dodge their sweetie’s kisses! Thankfully, your bad breath can be conquered with good oral hygiene: semi-annual cleanings at one of our Nashville area offices, brushing and flossing twice a day and brushing your tongue. But tongue brushing (and even teeth brushing) can be difficult if you have a strong gag reflex! Tongues Harbor 90% of Bad Breath Bacteria

You can brush your tongue with your regular toothbrush or scrape it with a tongue scraper. Either way will help remove the bacteria that causes halitosis. But if the thought of a toothbrush getting that close to your throat makes you nervous, try one of these solutions to see if it helps:

● Hold the brush perpendicular to your tongue, moving from the corner of your mouth. This position makes it more difficult to reach the areas that will cause you to gag. ● While you brush, press your tongue down in the back of your mouth, in the area behind your back teeth. ● Exhale through your mouth while you brush. ● Play a psychological trick on yourself. Many times, distraction is all you need to fix the problem. Think of something absurd, like a purple hippopotamus or a troop of ostrich ballerinas. Solve a difficult math problem in your head. Or close your hand in a fist, tucking in your thumb while you brush. ● If none of the above work, try using a length of floss. Hold it at either corner of your mouth, then move it forward, scraping across your tongue.

Keeping your mouth and tongue clean is an important part of maintaining good oral health and fresh breath. If you have concerns about your breath, teeth, or gums, call and schedule an appointment between your regular cleanings. The dental team at Montee & Montee will schedule your appointment as soon as possible and work with you to make your smile sparkle.