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7 Tips to Stress-Free Dental Visits for Your Kids

Pediatric Dental Services in Nashville, TNFrom the time our children are infants, we anxiously await the arrival of their first tiny tooth. But once those teeth begin to work their way to the surface of our babies’ gums, we anxiously await the day when the teething process is over! And after those little teeth come in we swear there’s nothing cuter than a big, toothy grin on a grimy toddler face. That is, until they lose that first baby tooth and they hate the gap, but we love it. February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, and Montee and Montee Dental is dedicated to keeping your kids’ pearly whites healthy and strong. Developing good habits at an early age helps to ensure your children’s teeth will remain in tip-top shape for life. Scheduling regular dental visits is a big part of a healthy oral routine.

Going to the dentist is rarely a kid’s favorite thing to do, but there are ways you can ease your child’s fears. Both parents and dentists play an important part in making children’s dental appointments a positive experience. At Montee and Montee Dental, we enjoy our small patients and make every effort to make their visit fun and stress-free. Parents can help dental visits go more smoothly by following these tips:

  1. Inform your child of the visit and have fun exploring the world of dentistry online or at the library. Find books or websites that introduce your child to pediatric dentistry.
  2. Don’t promise a reward for going to the dentist. Doing so will increase anxiety by causing your child to wonder why the dentist is so bad she will need a reward just for going. Keep a positive attitude instead.
  3. Start your kids young. The younger they begin to see a dentist the better because they no longer fear the unknown.
  4. Don’t use words like “hurt” or “pain” or “shot.” Instead, use positive phrases and tell your child that the dentist will check his smile and count how many teeth he has.
  5. Role play with your child. Have a pretend visit where you first look at your child’s teeth, then allow her to brush and clean a doll’s teeth. Give her a small mirror and have her count her own teeth.
  6. Keep your own fears to yourself. You may have had bad experiences or perhaps you’re concerned about your child. But kids aren’t naturally afraid of the dentist, so work hard not to instill fear in them.
  7. Find a dentist who works well with kids and knows how to put kids at ease.

At Montee and Montee Dental, we are knowledgeable about children’s oral health, growth and development, and we’re both child and parent friendly. We will work alongside you to lead your child in healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Contact us today at 615-383-4494 or

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