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How To Find The Best Dentist in Antioch, TN - Just For You!

Shopping for a dentist is not one of the most anticipated things we do in life. After all, it does not have the same appeal as shopping for a new car or a home entertainment system. Yet, finding the best dentist in Antioch is one of the most important things you will ever do. How do we reach the dental summit by choosing the right dentist? Fortunately, a dental advocacy organization has paved the way for us to find highly rated dentists like Dr. Stan Montee.

Finding the Right Dentist in Antioch, TN

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When you search for a dentist, you want to use every resource available to find the best dentist in Antioch. You should start by asking friends, family members, and trusted professional peers for recommendations. Although word of mouth online helps with dentist recommendations, traditional word of mouth advertising works best for finding a dentist you can rely on in Antioch, Tennessee.

If you have established roots in greater Nashville, ask your family physician for a dentist recommendation. Online reviews should be the proverbial icing on the cake that finalizes the decision making process. The more positive reviews you read about a dentist in Antioch, the more likely you will find a dental professional that you can trust for years to come. Dr. Montee has achieved considerable success partly because of the highly positive reviews he receives from patients that post on sites like Yelp and Google.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Dentist

The commitment you make by finding the best dentist in Antioch, TN will be a long term partnership that ensures you receive optimal oral health care. Therefore, you want to choose a dentist in Antioch that exceeds, not just meets, the following criteria.

Training and Education

When you perform research online concerning dental credentials, the first thing that should pop up in your research is the training and education a dentist has received. It is not the amount of education a dentist has achieved; it is more important as to where a dentist went to school to earn his or her education credentials. Moreover, a dentist’s learning curve never flattens out, which makes dental training an integral component of the education equation. With rapidly advancing technology and the development of new dental techniques, you want to find the best dentist in Antioch by determining how much continuing education each candidate has received. For example, how often does a dentist attend dental conferences and continuing education workshops to say on top of his or her profession?

Dental Approach Matters

How a dentist approaches dental care goes a long way towards determining your decision for selecting a dentist in Antioch. One of the most important factors to consider involves how a dentist approaches preventive dentistry. From regularly scheduled teeth cleaning sessions to preventive oral techniques like installing one or more crowns, you want to form a long term relationship with one of the dental offices in Antioch that place a strong emphasis on preventive dental care. Another dental approach that matters is how a dentist applies an anesthetic to help you relax before a big procedure. Fear and anxiety are two common emotions experienced by dental patients that create barriers for patients to schedule important dental procedures. Moreover, the best dentist in Antioch has a clearly printed emergency care policy that makes home or her available outside of daily office hours.

Dental Costs

The best dentist in Antioch presents a comprehensive list of all fees and payment plans that you can go over before scheduling an appointment. Far too many dental professionals hide fees or tack on charges to already high dental bills. Ask for estimates for common dental procedures such as x-rays and the filling of one or more cavities. You also want to make sure a dentist in Antioch participates in your dental insurance plan. Nothing bumps of the price of dental care more than having to pay for out of pocket dental expenses. Finally, what is the policy of every dentist in Antioch on your short list when it comes to a missed appointment? Missed appointment fees can set you back financially.

Dr. Stan Matches the Criteria for Best Dentist

Does Dr. Montee match the criteria for finding the best dentist in Antioch? Check the yes box for education and training. Dr. Stan attended dental school at renowned University of Pennsylvania. However, he has used his dental education as a foundation to build on by taking more than 1,200 hours of dental continuing education classes. His commitment to staying on top of the dental learning curve has earned Dr. Montee Fellowship status in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI). The honor represents one of the pinnacle achievements of a professional dental career. Dr. Montee places a huge emphasis on preventive dental care, as evident by his thorough consultations with every patient. His clinic’s savings plan allows patients to save enough money to handle the inevitable dental rainy day.

The ADA and Finding the Best Dentist in Antioch

When Dr. Montee consults with patients, he is bringing to the table the most important professional skills and personality traits. Backed by resources provided by the American Dental Association (ADA), Dr. Stan not only implements the most advanced techniques to deliver superior dental services, he also likes to refer patients to the criteria used by the ADA for selecting the best dental offices in Antioch.

The ADA has crafted a mission that empowers dentists and to assist each of the more than 160,000 members improving the oral health of their patients. Services such as Find-a-Dentist and Third Party Payer Review ensure every member in the organization receives the exposure required to attract new patients and cultivate dental businesses to grow the number of returning customers. The ADA also advocates strongly for patients by promoting oral health initiatives and reminding patients of the value created by regularly scheduled teeth cleaning sessions with a dentist in Antioch.

Lean on the ADA

If you want to learn more about the incredible praise Dr. Stan receives, contact the Tennessee Dental Society. Organizations at the state and local levels help prospective patients find highly rated dental offices in Antioch. The ADA lists state dental societies and contact information on the organization’s website. According to the ADA, you should call or visit more than one dental office, before you schedule the first appointment.

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